Anonymous said: is there one of takamina from the akb xx thing saying "draw me like one of your french girls?"

Nope. I thought that was too much of a classic, so I didn’t put it, since it might not be as funny as the one right now.

Anonymous said: well one fans try to act know-it-all there. boohoo

Haha. It’s all right. Maybe they didn’t read it at all, or just made a mistake at reading them all… or they thought it was a chance to finally HATE ASK this blog.

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Anonymous said: it's tano not tomu you stupid fuck

Wow. Would it not occur to you that Mayu is talking to Tomu about how to get Tano’s attention, and not Mayu talking to Tano in the captions? r00d.

You’ve wanted to say that all this time, didn’t you?

Dear fans of the motivator tumblr.

I know I’ve been inactive lately, but doesn’t mean you can just go ahead and steal the images I’ve made. Not that you’re saying you made them, but putting a link back to this tumblr, or saying where it come from is a real hassle to you? It could’ve been the only thing you can do to contribute to this tumblr.

If you continue doing this, I might just stop trying to think of updates for this tumblr, and much less deactivate it.

Like this page:

Taking it to a stride to just take motivators from this page ( and probably other people) without even linking back to where they got it from.

This is the last thing I could ask from you guys, so please do it. LINK BACK OR GIVE CREDIT. It doesn’t hurt you.

But not putting them sure does hurt people who created them.


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